Entity Support for Peru through Profonanpe

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Entity Support for Peru through Profonanpe

Profonanpe is currently the only Peruvian entity accredited by the GCF and is in the process of upgrading its accreditation category from “project management” to “grant award” and the environmental and social risk category from “C” to “B”. Since its accreditation, Profonanpe has supported through South-South cooperation, other institutions in Latin America and Africa to seek their own accreditation.

With one project already approved by the GCF and under implementation, Profonanpe seeks to strengthen its capacities to better manage future projects during all project stages, either as an implementing or executing entity. For example, Profonanpe requires improving the capacity of its staff in areas such as environmental and social safeguards (ESS), climate change, and project management (for further details refer to the following sections). Profonanpe’s manual of operations and procedures needs to be updated, improved and available to its users. Technical tools like an online system and intranet will be required, as well as technical support for the development and revision of Concept Notes of projects under its management.

In addition, the dialogue between MEF, the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), Profonanpe, and GCF, could be further improved through regular planning meetings that allow the institutions to align goals and activities.

Cover date 18 December 2017
Document type Approved readiness proposal
Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas