Entity Support for Antigua and Barbuda through Ministry of Health and Environment

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Entity Support for Antigua and Barbuda through Ministry of Health and Environment

The specific readiness challenge that this project seeks to address is to accelerate ambition to implement the goals of the Paris Agreement – to foster climate resilience and low greenhouse gas emissions development – by preparing for transformational impact in a small island state. Antigua and Barbuda’s ambition is to serve as an early implementer of the goals of the Paris Agreement, spurring innovation and international action while showcasing the national development benefits of a strong climate action agenda.

To develop and present the portfolio of projects presented in the Country Programme and the Accredited Entity Work Programme, the Department of Environment (Accredited Entity) will work with Executing Entities: Ministry of Public Works & Housing; APUA Water Business Unit; the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance. In addition, the Department of Environment will identify and build capacity of Implementing Partners that are positioned to provide pass-through financing via on-granting and onlending, in the private sector and at the local community level. The intention is to enhance direct access, devolving decision-making and promoting pass-through climate financing so that stakeholders at all levels participate in and contribute to progress towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

To enable direct access to the GCF, Antigua and Barbuda’s fourth Readiness proposal will result in the following outcomes:

  • National direct access entity meets all accreditation conditions and EDA funding proposal conditions; Accreditation Master Agreements (AMA) requirements are met annually and independent functions are strengthened using international best practice
  • Baseline gender assessment to guide transformational gender interventions in Antigua and Barbuda’s country programme
  • Strengthened climate rationale and evidence base for adaptation and mitigation interventions
  • Technology needs assessments for five sectors, including feasibility analyses and risk assessment annexes, to significantly advance the Country Programme pipeline

This change will be visible by the end of the project through the development of technology needs assessments and investment plans in five (5) priority sectors.

Cover date 10 January 2019
Document type Approved readiness proposal
Department of Environment, Ministry of Health and Environment, Government of Antigua and Barbuda
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