Enhancing Direct Access Guidelines

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), Enhancing Direct Access (EDA) pilot intends to boost access by sub-national, national and regional, public, and private entities to GCF climate finance. 

EDA promotes country ownership of projects and programmes and devolves decision-making to local actors.

This publication provides non-prescriptive guidance about how to structure an EDA Pilot intervention. It is primarily intended to support GCF Direct Access Entities (DAEs), National Designated Authorities and all the relevant stakeholders to prepare EDA concept notes and funding proposals.

Cover date 02 November 2021
Document type Publication Guides
Table of contents
  • Part I: The Enhancing Direct Access (EDA) Approach 
    • A. Objective of the pilot
    • B. Operational modalities
      • 1. What is the scope of EDA projects? 
      • 2. Who can submit EDA projects?
      • 3. What are the main features of EDA projects?
  • Part II: Developing an Enhancing Direct Access Proposal
    • A. Overall structure (funding proposal template Section B.3)
      • Component 1: Capacity-building support and technical assistance
      • Component 2: Funding facility in support of local climate action (subprojects)
    • B. Implementation arrangement (funding proposal template sections B.4/B3) 
      • 1. Project governance
      • 2. The funding facility
  • Part III: Operations Manual
  • Part IV: Resources