Digital proposal submission platform user guide

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Digital proposal submission platform user guide

This user manual provides the information necessary for Accredited Entities (AEs), National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and Focal Points to effectively use the Digital Proposal Submission System (DPS).

The DPS system seeks to replace email submissions with an online platform, to streamline the process of submission and tracking of projects in the pipeline. DPS will be the official submission system for both Simplified Approval Process projects (SAP) and the Standard Proposal Approval Projects (PAP). The DPS system is replacing the Simplified Approval Process Online Submission System (SAP OSS). The system is connected to the AEs and NDAs/Focal Points’ portals, where all the information and documents related to the proposals can be accessed.

The DPS system provides improved user experience, communication, and connection between the NDAs/Focal Points, AEs and GCF.

DPS is lightweight and designed to perform well in slow and inconsistent internet connection conditions (resumes an upload without having to restart it from the beginning in the case of internet interruption).

You may also watch the following introduction video:

DPS introduction

Cover date 25 July 2022
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