Developing Climate Resilient Integrated Coastal Management in Dominica

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Developing Climate Resilient Integrated Coastal Management in Dominica

GCF resources are requested to support the preparation of the Full Funding Proposal for the project: Developing Climate Resilient Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Dominica and specifically the implementation of a set of activities that will deliver:

  1. Improved information on the causal linkages between climate and non-climate drivers and climate impacts;
  2. A feasibility assessment comprising a mapping, scoping and detailed designs of an integrated green and grey coastal protection strategy for selected areas of Dominica’s coastline; a market assessment of the insurance sector; a market assessment of adaptation innovation; An assessment of good practice that could be scaled up for adaptation benefits; an economic appraisal of the intervention plan;
  3. For all hybrid green/grey and hard infrastructure civil works - engineering feasibility studies, full technical assessment with engineering design drawings, civil works timelines and assigned budgets, enabling a clear specification of the budget assigned for Output 2 will be developed by engineers with appropriate certification. In cases where technology transfer is necessary, related activities will be specified, budgeted and timelines assigned.
  4. A stakeholder engagement plan
  5. An indigenous people’s plan;
  6. A fully developed gender plan and environmental and social safeguards plan;
  7. A comprehensive strategy to meet the Fund’s investment criteria relating to paradigm shift, contribution to sustainable development, and efficiency and effectiveness.

The outputs will be:

  1. A fully evidenced climate rationale for the project;
  2. A feasibility study with full mapping and technical designs for coastal protection;
  3. Full technical documentation for civil works and its budgeting
  4. An economic and financial appraisal study;
  5. Gender assessment and action plan;
  6. A stakeholder engagement plan;
  7. Indigenous people’s plan;
Cover date 25 November 2023
Document type Approved project preparation funding application
United Nations Environment Programme