Coral Reef Resiliency Program

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Coral Reef Resiliency Program

The project’s goal is to implement ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) within Fiji’s Great Sea Reef and connected coastal ecosystems to enhances the resilience of coastal ecosystems and communities to climate change by reducing local scale impacts such as vital ecosystem destruction, overfishing and unsustainable production, and solid and chemical waste. In the long term, planned preservation and restoration of coral reefs in less exposed reefs with high regeneration capacity and connectivity provides the coral stock necessary to replant and restore other degraded reefs over the next few decades. In the short term, the strategy enhances the resilience of coastal ecosystems and communities to climate change that depend on healthy coastal ecosystems for their coastal protection and livelihoods.

The project’s EbA focus depends on evidence-based identification of sites where these interventions would be most effective. Potential sites have been identified with stakeholders in each province, but detailed assessments and cost-benefit analyses to identify the best adaptation solutions are needed. In parallel, detailed ecological, socio-economic, environmental and social safeguards, and gender assessments are required to establish baselines and develop management plans to maximize positive impacts.

The project’s work to enhance vulnerable communities’ resilience and create necessary regulatory enabling environments also requires: vulnerability assessments; detailed identification of appropriate adaptation interventions; further regulation reviews and gap analysis to align the project with relevant government plans and policies; updated institutional capacity needs assessments and climate resilience planning; detailed integrated flood risk management planning involving extensive consultations with stakeholders, potential partners and co-financers to ensure project ownership and support.

The Fiji CRR Project preparation will be executed under the oversight of participating Government of Fiji agencies including the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Cover date 31 January 2023
Document type Approved project preparation funding application
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