Climate and Health Co-Investment Facility Coordination Programme

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Climate and Health Co-Investment Facility Coordination Programme

The GCF Funding Proposal to be developed through this preparatory grant responds to the commitments expressed at COP26 and will support countries in reducing health-related vulnerability and GHG emissions from the health sector. The Programme will support the design, operation and coordination of a multi-partner Co-investment Facility to promote climate resilient and/or low-carbon investments by leveraging public and private capital. The Programme will also assist a subset of countries in implementing their COP26 Health commitments and demonstrating integrated solutions for climate resilient and sustainable low carbon health systems through selected investment projects.

PPF support is sought to conduct stakeholder consultations, feasibility studies and assessments to inform the design of the GCF Programme. The following activities will be carried out through the PPF to develop a robust and solid full funding proposal:

  • Baseline study and barrier analysis;

  • Establishing and validating the climate rationale for the programme;

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, including advisory services on the menu of innovative financial instruments and tailored blending of instruments for the Climate and Health Co-Investment Facility; Developing a strategy, draft framework and coordination arrangements for the Climate and Health Co-Investment Facility;

  • Feasibility work for the selected investment projects;

  • Social and Environmental Screening Procedure (SESP) for each country

  • Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for 6 countries;

  • Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework (IPPF) if/where relevant;

  • Gender assessment & Gender Action Plan;

  • Stakeholder consultations and stakeholder engagement plan;

  • Monitoring and evaluation framework, including the measurement of GCF core indicators;

  • Risk assessment and risk management plan;

  • Financial and Economic Analysis;

  • Legal due diligence.

Cover date 01 December 2023
Document type Approved project preparation funding application
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