Adaptation planning support for Albania through UNDP

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Adaptation planning support for Albania through UNDP

This project is therefore designed to help the Government of Albania increase its capacity to address the country’s climate change vulnerabilities. Specifically, this funding request willsupport Albania to develop a national plan for CCA through:

  • The strengthening of a national mandate, strategy and steering mechanism that focuses on assessing and addressing capacity gaps (particularly in the priority sectors of tourism, urban development, agriculture, transport, and energy) – see Outcome 1
  • The development of a NAP Strategy action plan document and its implementation plan – see Outcome 2, and
  • The development of financing, monitoring and evaluation strategies to ensure that capacities and funding options are institutionalized for the long-term sustainability of adaptation planning beyond the life of the project – see Outcome 3.

The main beneficiaries in this first cycle of NAP development are the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the National Environment Protection Agency, and the Albania Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment (IGEWE). Indirect or secondary beneficiaries include other ministries and local governments receiving capacity development support (within the priority sectors listed above), as well as all other entities associated with CCA in Albania such as academia, NGOs, civil society organizations, and private companies.

Cover date 24 October 2019
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