• Decision type
  • Decision date 15 Jul 2020

B.BM-2020/07 : Dates and venues for GCF Board meetings in 2020

The Board, having considered document GCF/BM-2020/10 titled “Dates and venues for GCF Board meetings in 2020”:

  1. Takes note of decision B.23/18 that agreed the dates for the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh meetings of the Board;
  2. Notes the Board’s decisions B.25/01 and B.25/02 that recognize the exceptional circumstances created by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this is having on the operations of GCF (including the Board, Secretariat, independent units, accredited entities, and national designated authorities) as well as on other international entities;
  3. Also notes that these exceptional circumstances have resulted in strict health guidance that includes, but is not limited to, directives to remain at home, international and domestic travel restrictions, and closed borders;
  4. Reaffirms the importance of GCF remaining operational to implement its mandate, given the current exceptional circumstances;
  5. Notes decision B.24/04, in particular paragraph (e), and confirms that the scope of work remaining for 2020 should ensure the approval of essential administrative and programmatic decisions, consideration of policy items, and monitoring of implementation and standards compliance;
  6. Takes note of the Co-Chairs’ Consultation Plan for 2020, and welcomes the ongoing consultation process on policy items to seek consensus as soon as possible, taking into consideration the current exceptional circumstances;
  7. Agrees and confirms that the twenty-sixth meeting of the Board will take place from 18–21 August 2020, for no more than four hours per day;
  8. Also agrees, and confirms, without prejudice to paragraph 17 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board, that the twenty-seventh meeting of the Board will take place during the week commencing 9 November 2020;
  9. Further confirms that unless the circumstances allow for a physical Board meeting, the Board meetings in 2020 will be held as net-meetings;
  10. Underscores the importance of the full participation and involvement of the entire Board from all constituencies in the Board meetings and pre-Board meeting consultation process as an essential condition for holding an effective and full participatory meeting;
  11. Requests the Secretariat to take appropriate steps to ensure the full and effective participation of all Board members, alternate members and advisers in the virtual meeting, including testing the technology and providing support to developing countries in particular;
  12. Ensures that technical settings are in place for the full participation of active observers and that the standard webcasting will be available for all observers;
  13. Instructs the Secretariat to urgently issue the logistics note for the twenty-sixth meeting of the Board, and to make other arrangements for the meeting; and
  14. Requests the Co-Chairs to continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the operations of GCF, and to report to the Board appropriately.