• Decision type
  • Decision date 03 May 2018

B.BM-2018/09: Updated terms of reference of the Technical Advisory Panel

The Board, having considered document GCF/BM-2018/09 titled “Updated terms of reference of the Technical Advisory Panel”:

  1. Approves the updated terms of reference of the independent Technical Advisory Panel (the Panel) as set out in annex I;
  2. Requests the Investment Committee to present a recommendation to the Board, at the Board’s twentieth meeting, regarding the extension of the terms of the three Panel members with contracts expiring in August 2018, with reference to the ongoing performance review of the members of the Panel as appropriate; and
  3. Requests the Investment Committee, with the support of the Secretariat, to nominate members of the Panel for endorsement by the Board at its twentieth meeting in a number necessary to replace current Panel members not serving for a second term and, if deemed appropriate, to increase the capacity of the Panel following the recommendation of the Secretariat, as per decision B.19/08, paragraph (d).