• Decision type
  • Decision date 26 Dec 2017

B.BM-2017/13: Staffing budgets of the independent units of the Green Climate Fund

The Board, having considered the draft 2018 work programmes and budgets of the Independent Redress Mechanism, Independent Integrity Unit and the Independent Evaluation Unit:

  1. Takes note of the comments, suggestions and proposals made by Board members during the comment period as contained in documents GCF/2017/Inf.04, GCF/2017/Inf.05, and GCF/2017/Inf.06;
  2. Approves the interim staffing budgets for 2018 as follows:
    1. USD 574,820 for the Independent Redress Mechanism;
    2. USD 1,062,950 for the Independent Integrity Unit;
    3. USD 1,883,667 for the Independent Evaluation Unit; and
  3. Requests the heads of the Independent Units to present comprehensive work programmes and budgets for consideration by the Board at its nineteenth meeting.