B.38/05: GCF regional presence

Following the discussions at its thirty-seventh meeting and having considered document GCF/B.38/07 titled “GCF regional presence”, the Board:

  1. Takes note of the guidance from the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change urging the Board to expedite the finalization of its consideration of options for establishing GCF regional presence;
  2. Also takes note of the GCF regional presence feasibility study contained in annex I to document GCF/B.37/Inf.13 and the Secretariat assessment of GCF regional presence informed by the study outlined in document GCF/B.38/07 and the views expressed by Board members during consideration of the matter at the thirty-eighth meeting of the Board;
  3. Requests the Secretariat to present to the Board for its consideration various proposals for GCF regional presence, including an assessment of implementation modalities and a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, legal considerations and financial analysis, no later than the fortieth meeting of the Board;
  4. Also requests the Secretariat to undertake consultations with Board members and alternate members, national designated authorities and active observers on the various proposals referred to in paragraph (c) above; and
  5. Further requests the Secretariat to provide a brief progress update at the thirty-ninth meeting of the Board, including an updated timeline for delivery.