B.37/19: Consideration and endorsement of the outcomes of the second formal replenishment of GCF

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.37/16/Rev.01 titled “Report on the outcomes of GCF’s second formal replenishment”:

  1. Welcomes and endorses the successful conclusion of the second formal replenishment process of GCF, as mandated by decision B.33/11;
  2. Expresses its gratitude to Germany for hosting the High-Level Pledging Conference for the second replenishment and its strong support and advocacy throughout the replenishment process;
  3. Also expresses its appreciation to the group of potential contributors, members and alternate members of the Board and observers who actively engaged in the replenishment process;
  4. Further expresses its sincere appreciation to the Facilitator, Mahmoud Mohieldin, for his leadership, commitment and proactive engagement in making the second formal replenishment of GCF a success;
  5. Welcomes the pledges made by 25 contributors at the pledging conference for a total of USD 9.322 billion equivalent, including credit earned due to early payment and/or encashment;
  6. Encourages contributing countries to confirm their pledges to GCF in the form of fully executed contribution agreements/arrangements as soon as possible; and
  7. Also encourages further pledges and contributions during the replenishment period, in accordance with decision B.05/04, paragraph (c).