• Decision type
  • Decision date 03 Aug 2023

B.36/08: Considerations of funding proposal FP098

The Board, having considered limited distribution document GCF/B.36/07 titled “Consideration of funding proposals: Consideration of a request for changes of the design and pricing in respect of funded activity FP098 (“DBSA Climate Finance Facility”)

Approves, with respect to funded activity FP098 titled “DBSA Climate Finance Facility”:

  1. A change to the financial instrument between GCF and the accredited entity from a trust arrangement to a credit line to be provided by GCF to the Development Bank of Southern Africa, with consequential changes to the terms and conditions for the utilization of the GCF reimbursable funds, as set out in the revised term sheet in annex III to document GCF/B.36/07; and
  2. The changes to the pricing of GCF reimbursable funds, as set out in document GCF/B.36/07.