B.35/16: Appointment of Board-appointed officials

The Board, having considered limited distribution document GCF/B.35/13 titled “Report from the Executive Director Selection Committee”:

  1. Recalls decision B.33/16 on the selection process for the Executive Director of the Secretariat;
  2. Decides to select Mafalda Madeira Nunes Duarte for the post of the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund Secretariat for a four-year term;
  3. Requests the Co-Chairs, with support as needed from the executive search firm, to negotiate the terms of the contract in accordance with the terms of reference for the position set out in annex XI to decision B.33/16, taking into account the relevant performance management system and criteria for Board-appointed officials; and
  4. Authorizes the Co‐Chairs to sign, on behalf of the Board, the contract between Mafalda Madeira Nunes Duarte and GCF