B.35/14: Consideration of Independent Redress Mechanism compliance report C-0006

The Board, having considered limited distribution document GCF/B.34/15 titled “Compliance Review Report: C-0006-Nicaragua: GCF Project FP146: Bio-CLIMA: Integrated climate action to reduce deforestation and strengthen resilience in BOSAWÁS and Rio San Juan Biospheres” and limited distribution document GCF/B.35/Inf.13 titled “Management response to the Compliance Review Report: C-0006-Nicaragua: GCF Project FP146: Bio-CLIMA”:

  1. Underscores the seriousness, as reflected in the Indigenous Peoples Policy, of GCF’s role in fostering the full respect, promotion, and safeguarding of indigenous peoples;
  2. Recalls decision B.34/23;
  3. Takes note of the management response in limited distribution document GCF/B.35/Inf.13;
  4. Confirms that this decision is without prejudice to any and all rights of GCF under relevant legal agreements, all of which are specifically reserved; and
  5. Decides that the Board will continue to consider this matter at its thirty-sixth meeting.