B.34/23: Consideration of Independent Redress Mechanism compliance report C-0006

The Board, having considered limited distribution document GCF/B.34/15 titled “Compliance Review Report: C-0006-Nicaragua: GCF Project FP146: Bio-CLIMA: Integrated climate action to reduce deforestation and strengthen resilience in BOSAWÁS and Rio San Juan Biospheres”:

  1. Takes note of the findings and recommendations presented by the Independent Redress Mechanism in document GCF/B.34/15 (“Compliance Review Report”);
  2. Decides to further consider the Compliance Review Report at its thirty-fifth meeting in order to take an informed decision on this matter;
  3. Requests, for the purposes of taking an informed decision on the Compliance Review Report at its thirty-fifth meeting pursuant to paragraph 63 of the Independent Redress Mechanism’s procedures and guidelines, the Secretariat to provide for the Board’s consideration:
    1. A management response from the Secretariat in respect of the Compliance Review Report, annexing any relevant written comments provided by the relevant accredited entity; and
    2. A legal assessment on any potential action, including remedies, which GCF may take under the related funded activity agreement, based on the information provided in the Compliance Review Report;
  4. Confirms that the Independent Redress Mechanism and Secretariat may share the Compliance Review Report with the relevant accredited entity on a strictly confidential and redacted basis in order to allow for the accredited entity to provide any relevant written comments, and for the accredited entity to share the Compliance Review Report with the executing entity in order for the executing entity to provide its written comments to the accredited entity, and for the Secretariat to consult with the accredited entity when preparing its management response;
  5. Takes note of the interlinkages between the findings and recommendations of the Compliance Review Report and the conditions set out in decision B.27/01, annex I (List of conditions and recommendations) in respect of FP146; and
  6. Requests the Secretariat to temporarily suspend its review of the Monitoring Framework provided by the accredited entity in connection with the Board conditions until the Board has further considered and taken a final decision on the Compliance Review Report.