B.34/06: Work programmes and budgets of the independent units for 2023

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.34/16 titled “Independent Evaluation Unit 2023 Work plan and budget and Update of its three-year rolling work plan and objectives”:

  1. Approves the work plan and budget of the Independent Evaluation Unit for 2023 as contained in annex II (total budgeted amount of USD 6,934,303);
  2. Requests the Budget Committee to review the budget execution during 2023 and acknowledges that the Independent Evaluation Unit may present to the Board for consideration at its thirty-sixth meeting an additional budgetary request;
  3. Also requests the Independent Evaluation Unit to ensure full harmonization and coordination with the Secretariat while proposing all future annual evaluations, with a view to avoiding duplications, in compliance with the Evaluation Policy and meeting the timelines established by the Board;
  4. Further requests the Head of the Independent Evaluation Unit to rationalize its current dependency on external professional services for undertaking evaluations, taking into account the ongoing expansion of the human resource capacity of the Independent Evaluation Unit, and to ensure optimum utilization of budgetary allocations; and
  5. Notes the update on the Independent Evaluation Unit’s three-year rolling work plan, outlined in annex II as requested by the Board to ensure flexibility, learning and predictability for the Independent Evaluation Unit.