B.34/05: Secretariat work programme and administrative budget for 2023

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.34/14/Rev.01 titled “2023 work programme of the Secretariat and annual administrative budget of the GCF Secretariat, Board and Trustee”:

  1. Recognizes that the work programme will help to guide the activities of the Secretariat during 2023;
  2. Decides, in accordance with paragraph 32(b) of the updated Strategic Plan for the GCF 2020–2023, to set the following Fund-level annual programming and disbursement targets for 2023:
    1. Annual programming target of USD 1.2–1.7 billion in funding proposals approved by the Board;1 and
    2. Annual disbursement target of USD 728 million to USD 1.063 billion;
  3. Approves the 2023 work programme and the objectives set out in annex XV, in accordance with paragraph 23(e) of the Governing Instrument for the GCF;
  4. Also approves the administrative budget for the GCF Secretariat found in table 7 in section 4.4 of document GCF/B.34/14/Rev.01 for the period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023 in the amount of USD 93,621,706, which includes USD 26,912,609 in new funding, as well as the USD 66,709,097 for 2023 staff salaries and emoluments that was approved by the Board in decisions B.27/07 and B.30/06;
  5. Recognizes that the new funding of USD 26,912,609 includes a contingency budget of USD 1,835,720. The contingency budget will be used to support both the Secretariat and the independent units;
  6. Requests the Budget Committee to review the budget execution during 2023 and acknowledges that the Secretariat may present an additional budgetary request to the Board for consideration at its thirty-sixth meeting;
  7. Also requests the Executive Director to consult with the Budget Committee on the allocation of the contingency budget;
  8. Approves USD 73,389,206 for projected staff salaries and emoluments for 2025;
  9. Also approves a budget for the Board in the amount of USD 5,415,346 as found in table 6 in section 4.3 of document GCF/B.34/14/Rev.01;
  10. Further approves a budget for the Trustee in the amount of USD 3,116,000 as included in table 20 in section 4.7 of document GCF/B.34/14/Rev.01;
  11. Requests the Secretariat, following consultation with the independent units, and in consultation with the Budget Committee, to develop a proposal for updating the budgeting system for all GCF administrative budgets, including assessment of, inter alia:
    1. Establishing budgetary caps;
    2. Moving to a multiannual administrative budgeting framework aligned with GCF replenishment cycles; and
    3. Updating the relevant GCF rules, including administrative guidelines and terms of reference of the independent units, regarding the administrative budgeting, for consideration by the Board no later than its thirty-sixth meeting;
  12. Also requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Budget Committee, to further improve relevant documents for the preparation and implementation of the administrative budgets of the Fund, including by reporting on all revenues and expenses;
  13. Approves an amount of up to an additional USD 75,000 in the 2023 administrative budget for the Secretariat to cover the additional costs associated with the implementation of decisions approved by the Board at its thirty-fourth meeting and requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Budget Committee, to identify opportunities for reallocation to cover these additional costs within the Secretariat administrative budget; and
  14. Requests the Secretariat to ensure full harmonization and coordination with the Independent Evaluation Unit while proposing all future annual evaluations, with a view to avoiding duplications, in compliance with the Evaluation Policy and meeting timelines established by the Board.

This target aligns with the Secretariat key performance indicator of USD 1.6–2.1 billion submitted to the independent Technical Advisory Panel