B.33/07: Updated GCF salary structure

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.33/14 titled “Updated Salary Structure: Review of GCF’s Salary Scale and Benefits”:

  1. Takes note of the document prepared by the Secretariat titled “Updated Salary Structure: Review of GCF’s Salary Scale and Benefits”;
  2. Requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Budget Committee, to consider this matter until 8 September 2022 and to present to the Board a proposal for developing a stepwise approach for an updated salary structure and addressing other immediately actionable items, including, inter alia, issues related to merit pay, death in service grants, insurance, and parental leave, ahead of a more comprehensive review of the Guidelines, including its compensation framework, which will be brought to the Board at a later stage; and
  3. Also requests the Co-Chairs to undertake open and inclusive consultations on the updated salary scale in September 2022 in order to facilitate the Board’s decision-making on this urgent matter and to present a proposal to the Board at its thirty-fourth meeting.