B.33/03: Project Preparation Facility: implementation report and resource allocation

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.33/06 titled “Status of the implementation and resources of the Project Preparation Facility”:

  1. Decides that an amount of USD 18.0 million is to be made available for the Project Preparation Facility to cover anticipated commitments until the end of the first replenishment period of the GCF (i.e. 2023); and
  2. Requests the Secretariat to consult with Board and alternate members, national designated authorities, accredited entities and active observers with a view to presenting to the Board for its consideration no later than at the thirty-sixth meeting of the Board:
    1. Revised operating modalities for the Project Preparation Facility;
    2. A revised list of activities that can be supported by the Project Preparation Facility; and
    3. A review of funding for the Project Preparation Facility.