B.30/11: Matters related to the evaluation functions

The Board:

  1. Underscores the provisions of the Governing Instrument for the GCF, the Evaluation Policy for the GCF and the terms of reference of the Independent Evaluation Unit that specify, among other provisions, that:
    1. The GCF is a continuously learning institution guided by processes for monitoring and evaluation;
    2. The purpose of independent evaluations is to inform decision-making and to identify and disseminate lessons learned;
    3. Evaluation results should feed back into the development, update and design of strategies, policies and operations, thus contributing to enhancing the quality of the overall performance of GCF; and
    4. The Board is expected to actively consider findings and recommendations from Independent Evaluation Unit evaluations and incorporate them into the policies and advice the Board provides to GCF overall;
  2. Confirms that the consideration of the simplified approval process policy at the thirtieth meeting of the Board does not prejudge future Board deliberations;
  3. Urges the Co-Chairs to ensure that, in future Board meetings, the Board will actively consider evaluations, in line with the Evaluation Policy for the GCF;
  4. Invites members and alternate members of the Board to consider the findings and recommendations of the following evaluations and the corresponding Secretariat management responses, and to provide any comments not later than 10 December 2021:
    1. Independent evaluation of the GCF’s country ownership approach;
    2. Independent evaluation of the GCF’s environmental and social safeguards and the environmental and social management system;
    3. Independent synthesis of the GCF’s accreditation function;
    4. Rapid assessment of the GCF’s request for proposals modality; and
    5. Independent evaluation of the GCF’s approach to the private sector; and
  5. Requests the Independent Evaluation Unit to prepare a summary of views expressed by members and alternate members of the Board on each of the evaluations referred to in paragraph (d) above, so that these views can be incorporated into Board discussions and decisions on related policy items.