B.30/07: Work programme and administrative budget for 2022

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.30/09 titled “2022 work programme of the Secretariat and annual administrative budget of the GCF Secretariat, Board and Trustee”:

  1. Recognizes that the work programme will help to guide the activities of the Secretariat during 2022;
  2. Approves the 2022 work programme and the goals and suggested priorities set out therein, in accordance with paragraph 23(e) of the Governing Instrument for the GCF;
  3. Urges the Secretariat, in working to implement the target agreed under decision B.27/06, to significantly increase funding channelled through direct access entities, to support a greater number and diversity of direct access entities to undertake programming with GCF and promote participation of local private sector actors and micro, small and medium-sized entities, including through technical assistance and capacity development for concept note and funding proposal preparation, approval and implementation, recognizing that this requires capacity and resources for sustained engagement on the part of both the Secretariat and direct access entities;
  4. Approves an administrative budget for the GCF Secretariat found in table 6 of annex II to document GCF/B.30/09 for the period 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022 in the amount of USD 79,399,930, which includes 28,641,111 in new funding as well as the USD 50,758,819 for 2022 staff salaries and emoluments that was approved by the Board in decision B.24/05;
  5. Notes that the increase in consultancy budget requested in 2022 is contextualized with reference to the Secretariat’s 250 staff headcount and represents a short-term measure to bridge the capacity gaps of the Secretariat to meet its work programme goals in alignment with the updated Strategic Plan, while also noting that the consultancy budget will be expected to be reduced if the Secretariat’s staff headcount is increased;
  6. Recognizes that the new funding of USD 28,641,111 includes a contingency budget of USD 1,556,861. The contingency budget will be used to support both the Secretariat and the independent units;
  7. Requests the Executive Director to consult with the Budget Committee on the allocation of the contingency budget;
  8. Approves USD 57,565,805 for projected staff salaries and emoluments for 2024;
  9. Also approves a budget for the Board in the amount of USD 4,767,656 as found in table 5 of annex II to document GCF/B.30/09;
  10. Further approves a budget for the Trustee in the amount of USD 3,646,000 as included in table 19 of annex II to document GCF/B.30/09;
  11. Recalls decision B.22/20, paragraph (b); and
  12. Requests, notwithstanding decision B.22/20, paragraph (b), the Secretariat, in consultation with the Budget Committee, to develop a proposal for updates to the GCF’s salary scale and current benefits and allowances, and to present such proposal for the Board’s consideration at its first meeting in 2022.