B.28/02: Addressing gaps in the current portfolio for measurement

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.28/04 titled “Addressing gaps in the current portfolio for measurement”:

  1. Takes note of the information presented in the document;
  2. Reiterates the commitment of GCF as a learning organization to iteratively improve the integration of sufficient monitoring and evaluation budget and activities for the gathering of evidence in funding proposals and funded activities to ensure the credibility of the portfolio and project/programme results reported;
  3. Recognizes that participation and implementation of remediation measures by accredited entities is voluntary;
  4. Requests the Secretariat to target remediation efforts covering all gaps in project/programme monitoring and evaluation or the relevant performance management frameworks’ indicator risk assessment, where the ratings are assessed by the Secretariat as moderate, elevated or high;
  5. Approves the Secretariat undertaking the following actions to advance remediation efforts:
    1. Phase 1: The Secretariat retaining a vendor and consulting with accredited entities to assess the willingness of the accredited entities to undertake proposed remediation activities on a project-specific basis, where the ratings are assessed by the Secretariat as moderate, elevated or high; and
    2. Phase 2: Based on feedback received from accredited entities, the Secretariat proposing a detailed action plan and funding envelope for remedial actions to be presented to the Board for consideration at the earliest possible opportunity, which may be through a decision between meetings, not later than the thirtieth meeting of the Board, to cover the costs of the remediation activities to be undertaken at the Secretariat and accredited entity level; and
  6. Requests the Secretariat to consult and seek confirmation from the Budget Committee and approval by the Board on the additional administrative budget for Phase 1 of the remedial efforts as described in paragraph (e)(i) above.