B.27/08: Work programmes and budgets of the independent units

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.27/11 titled “Independent Evaluation Unit 2021 Work Plan and Budget and Update of its Three-year Objectives and Work Plan”:


  1. Approves the work plan and budget of the Independent Evaluation Unit for 2021 for an amount of USD 5,912,573 as contained in annex VII to this document;
  2. Agrees to further consider the matters, including written comments in accordance with paragraph 23 of Rules of Procedure of the Board, raised by Board members in the consideration of this matter;
  3. Urges the Independent Evaluation Unit, in accordance with decision B.24/15, to present the Evaluation Policy and the detailed procedures and guidelines for the effective operation of the Independent Evaluation Unit, for consideration and approval by the Board at its twenty-eighth meeting;
  4. Requests the Budget Committee to review the budget execution during 2021 and acknowledges that the Independent Evaluation Unit may present to the Board for consideration at its twenty-ninth meeting an additional budgetary request to execute its workplan for 2021; and
  5. Further requests the Independent Evaluation Unit, in consultation with the Budget Committee, to prepare a multi-year budget and schedule for the second performance review of the GCF for consideration by the Board at its twenty-eighth meeting