B.25/11: Consideration of funding proposals

The Board, having considered limited distribution document GCF/B.25/11 titled “Status of approved funding proposals: status of further no-objection letters and modality for adding future no-objection letters for FP038 (GEEREF NeXt)”:

  1. Recalls that the Secretariat presented FP038 at the sixteenth meeting of the Board to be implemented in 30 host countries, including Uruguay;
  2. Also recalls decision B.16/02, in which the Board approved FP038;
  3. Confirms, accordingly, that the Board approved FP038 in decision B.16/02 for 30 host countries, including Uruguay;
  4. Takes note of the five new no-objection letters for FP038 submitted by the national designated authorities for the relevant countries;
  5. Approves the inclusion of Morocco, Panama, the Philippines, Saint Lucia and Samoa as host countries for FP038; and
  6. Authorizes the Secretariat to negotiate the funded activity agreement for FP038, which shall reflect the change hereby approved, as contained in document GCF/B.25/11.