B.24/15: Matters related to the evaluation policy and the guidelines for the effective functioning of the Independent Evaluation Unit

The Board:

  1. Takes note of the consultations and comments submitted on the draft Evaluation Policy;
  2. Confirms that the Evaluation Policy is a GCF-wide policy that guides the Board, the Secretariat, the Independent Evaluation Unit, other independent units, accredited entities and national designated authorities/focal points;
  3. Also confirms that the Independent Evaluation Unit and the Secretariat jointly clarify and delineate the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in the Evaluation Policy;
  4. Agrees to amend the terms of reference for the Head of the Independent Evaluation Unit (see annex V to decision B.10/05) as contained in annex XXIX;
  5. Requests the Independent Evaluation Unit and the Secretariat to present the draft Evaluation Policy for consideration no later than the twenty-fifth meeting of the Board;
  6. Also requests the Independent Evaluation Unit to present the detailed procedures and guidelines for the effective operation of the Independent Evaluation Unit for consideration by the Board at its twenty-fifth meeting; and
  7. Further requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Independent Evaluation Unit, to develop monitoring protocols, toolkits and guidelines that take into account the Evaluation Policy and the integrated results management framework, which will be submitted for the Board’s consideration at its twenty-fifth meeting.