B.23/11: Updated accreditation framework

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.23/05 titled “Updated accreditation framework”:

  1. Decides that the accreditation process as defined in annex I to decision B.07/02 is considered complete upon the effectiveness of the accreditation master agreement in Stage III of the accreditation process, and that such date of effectiveness shall serve as the start of the accreditation term for all entities accredited to GCF, including those accredited prior to the date of this decision;
  2. Recalling decision B.14/08, paragraph (d)(i), decision B.18/04, paragraph (c), decision B.19/13, paragraph (c), and decision B.21/16, paragraph (e), decides that future accreditation decisions by the Board should aim to bring forward accredited entities that fulfil the mandate on balance, diversity and coverage and advance the objectives of GCF, and to that end decides to prioritize up to the end of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Board the following, not listed in order of priority:
    1. National direct access entities nominated for accreditation by national designated authorities or focal points of countries that do not have a national accredited direct access entity;
    2. Private sector entities, in particular those in developing countries, seeking a balance of diversity of entities in line with decision B.09/07, paragraph (g), and decision B.10/06, paragraph (h);
    3. Entities responding to requests for proposals issued by GCF, for example, including a pilot phase for enhancing direct access; a pilot programme to support micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises; and a pilot programme to mobilize resources at scale in order to address adaptation and mitigation;
    4. Accredited entities seeking fulfilment of their conditions for accreditation; and
    5. Accredited entities requesting upgrades in their accreditation scope;
  3. Agrees the principle of the project-specific assessment approach, as contained in section VII in annex II to document GCF/B.23/05, that combines assessments undertaken during the existing accreditation and proposal approval processes in a fit-for-purpose manner; and
  4. Decides to defer its consideration of the updated accreditation framework and the implementation arrangements and budget for the project-specific assessment approach until the twenty-fourth meeting of the Board.