B.23/09: Updated Gender Policy and Action Plan

The Board:

  1. Takes note of the oral report made by the two Board members entrusted by the Co-Chairs with facilitating the discussions on the updated Gender Policy;
  2. Welcomes the progress made in the consultations on the document;
  3. Requests the Secretariat to present an assessment of implementation considerations, including direct costs and benefits associated with the implementation of the Gender Policy, as well as an assessment of the capacity within the Secretariat, direct access entities and other accredited entities, and national designated authorities/focal points to implement such Policy; and
  4. Also requests the Secretariat to present for consideration of the Board at its twenty-fourth meeting a revised updated Gender Policy and an updated Gender Action Plan, building on the progress made in the consultations on the draft document so far and the assessment of the Secretariat on the implementation considerations, with a view to circulate it to Board members and alternate members with sufficient time for consultations to occur between Board members and alternate members prior to its finalization and publication in accordance with paragraph 21 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board.