B.22/19: Matters related to the Fund’s prohibited practices policies

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.22/13 titled “Policy on Prohibited Practices”:

  1. Adopts the Policy on Prohibited Practices set out in annex XIV to this document to replace the Interim Policy on Prohibited Practices adopted by the Board pursuant to decision B.12/31, paragraph (h);
  2. Requests the Independent Integrity Unit, in consultation with the Secretariat, to develop policies on administrative sanctions and exclusions for consideration by the Board in 2019;
  3. Also requests the Board to update this Policy on the Prohibited Practices upon adoption of the Policy on ethics and conflicts of interest for active observers at its twenty-third meeting;
  4. Authorizes the Ethics and Audit Committee of the Board to address issues that may arise in the implementation of this policy; and
  5. Requests the Independent Integrity Unit to provide a brief report on experiences and lessons learned to the Board after two years as a basis for a wider review of the policies.