B.22/13: Results management framework: Independent Evaluation Unit recommendations to improve the Results Management Framework, including the Secretariat management response

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.22/07/Add.01 titled “Results management framework: Independent Evaluation Unit recommendations to improve the Initial Results Management Framework – Addendum I: Secretariat management response”:

  1. Takes note of the Secretariat management response and proposed action plan contained in document GCF/B.22/07/Add.01, including actions currently being undertaken by the Secretariat to strengthen results management;
  2. Requests the Secretariat to present for the Board’s consideration a revised results management framework and updated performance management frameworks from those adopted by decisions B.07/04 and B.08/07, respectively, no later than the twenty-fourth meeting of the Board, that integrate relevant Board decisions, policies and frameworks related to results management across the GCF process cycles, to the extent possible, including developing measurement, reporting and verification systems/methodologies for indicators in consultation with the relevant experts and thematic bodies, as mentioned in the summary and narrative recommendations of the Independent Evaluation Unit contained in document GCF/B.22/07;
  3. Also requests the Secretariat to develop, for the Board’s consideration at its twenty-third meeting, a proposal to respond to gaps in the current portfolio for measurement and evaluation design and/or evidence generation, including delivery modalities and a proposed budgetary estimate; and
  4. Further requests the Secretariat to ensure that accredited entities should adequately budget costs related to data collection and baseline assessment as part of project costs to establish credibility of results reporting.