B.21/05: Selection of the Executive Director of the independent Secretariat

The Board, having considered the limited distribution document GCF/BM-2018/18 titled “Appointment of the Executive Director ad interim”:

  1. Appoints Javier Manzanares to act as Executive Director ad interim of the Secretariat effective immediately and until such time as the new Executive Director appointed by the Board has taken office;
  2. Authorizes the Co-Chairs to agree, on behalf of the Board, on arrangements, as appropriate, with the Executive Director ad interim, including:
    1. A performance agreement that will specify the outcome and behaviours expected for the duration of the role;
  3. Decides that the Executive Director ad interim shall assume the functions and have the mandate of the Executive Director as provided for in the Governing Instrument for the Green Climate Fund and Board decisions; and
  4. Further decides the Executive Director ad interim will not be precluded from applying for the Executive Director position.