B.19/13: Matters related to accreditation

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.19/28 titled “Further development of the accreditation framework”:

  1. Takes note of the progress report on the review of the accreditation framework included in annex XIV;
  2. Notes that the full report on the review of the accreditation framework with further recommendations will be presented to the Board as early as its twentieth meeting;
  3. Decides to extend the prioritization of entities applying for accreditation in accordance with decision B.14/08, paragraph (d)(i), until the end of the twentieth meeting of the Board;
  4. Takes note of the project-specific assessment approach that combines assessments undertaken during the existing accreditation and proposal approval processes in a fit-for- purpose manner as contained in annex XIII; and
  5. Requests the Secretariat to further develop the approach referred to in paragraph (d) above, taking into account the views of Board members and as part of the proposals from the full review of the accreditation framework, for the Board’s consideration at its twentieth meeting.