B.19/05: Policies and procedures for the formal replenishment process

The Board, noting the GCF Initial Resource Mobilization period runs from 2015-2018 and its decision2 to transition subsequently to a formal replenishment process:

  1. Decides to advance work under its 2018 work programme to conclude the essential preparatory arrangements for the first formal replenishment process of the GCF, noting this is without prejudice to the timing of a decision to initiate replenishment in line with decision B.08/13;
  2. Requests the Co-Chairs, with the support of the Secretariat, and in consultation with members of the Board, to oversee the preparation of necessary policies and procedures for the formal replenishment process; and
  3. Reiterates the Board’s intention to review the Strategic Plan of the GCF as part of the formal replenishment process.