B.18/03: Workplan of the Board for 2018: Options for GCF support for collaborative research and development in developing countries

The Board, in line with paragraph 38 of the Governing Instrument for the GCF and in response to guidance from Conference of the Parties, having considered document GCF/B.18/12, titled “Options for support for technology collaborative research and development”:

  1. Takes note of the options outlined in document GCF/B.18/12 for the GCF to support collaborative research, development and demonstration, in respect of the following approaches:
    1. Climate technology innovation systems; and
    2. Targeted climate technology research, development and demonstration support;
  2. Encourages national designated authorities/focal points to collaborate with readiness delivery partners and accredited entities to submit readiness requests, concept notes, funding proposals and Project Preparation Facility proposals supporting technology collaborative research and development;
  3. Requests the Secretariat to develop for consideration by the Board at its twentieth meeting the terms of reference for a request for proposals to support climate technology incubators and accelerators;
  4. Also requests the Secretariat to continue collaborating with the Technology Executive Committee of the UNFCCC and the Climate Technology Centre and Network, including in the implementation of this decision, to enable support for technology development and transfer for facilitating access to environmentally sound technologies and for collaborative research and development for developing countries; and
  5. Further requests the Secretariat to continue to consider complementarity and coherence with other related technology initiatives and activities, including technology needs assessments and technology action plans, and to report accordingly in the context of the Operational Framework on Complementarity and Coherence adopted in decision B.17/04.