B.17/17: Matters related to accreditation: Accreditation master agreements

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.17/20 titled “Extension of the deadline for fulfilment of conditions for FP038 and FP044, related to the execution of accreditation master agreements”:

  1. Recalls that funding proposals FP038 and FP044 were approved by decision B.16/02, subject to a condition that the relevant accredited entity execute an accreditation master agreement with the GCF, in a form and substance satisfactory to the GCF, within 120 days of Board approval;
  2. Recognizes that absent an extension of time, decision B.16/02, in relation to FP038 and FP044, will lapse if an accreditation master agreement is not entered into with the relevant accredited entity by 4 August 2017;
  3. Decides to extend the deadline by an additional 120 days starting on 4 August 2017 for the fulfilment of the condition relating to the execution of an accreditation master agreement with the GCF, with respect to the following funding proposals:
    1. FP038 (European Investment Bank (EIB) and Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund NeXt (GEEREF NeXt)); and
    2. FP044 (World Bank and Solomon Islands); and
  4. Requests the Secretariat to inform all national designated authorities of the risks involved in supporting a project or programme being proposed to the GCF by an accredited entity that has not signed an accreditation master agreement with the GCF.