B.17/08: Status of the GCF portfolio: pipeline and approved projects

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.17/09 titled “Status of the GCF portfolio: pipeline and approved projects”:

  1. Takes note of the status of the GCF pipeline and the analysis of the portfolio;
  2. Requests the Secretariat to undertake additional analysis, taking into consideration the potential investment priority areas presented in document GCF/B.09/06, to identify specific results areas where targeted GCF investment would have the most impact; and
  3. Also requests the Secretariat to undertake the following actions in relation to the relevant results areas referred to in paragraph (b) above in order to align the portfolio composition with the initial results management framework contained in decision B.07/04:
    1. Undertake targeted outreach to promote partnerships between accredited entities and those potential non-accredited entities that have the technical expertise to support such results areas;
    2. Prepare targeted draft requests for proposals for the Board’s consideration, as appropriate; and
    3. Work with accredited entities to ensure that the financial terms and conditions proposed in concept notes and funding proposals for concessional loan products meet the principles agreed in annex XIII to decision B.07/05 (annex XIII to document GCF/B.07/11), including on the minimum amount of concessionality, and in this context, and pending the conclusion of the review of financial terms and conditions, apply the financial terms and conditions set out in annex II to decision B.09/04 (annex II to document GCF/B.09/23) in a fit-for-purpose manner, provided that such terms and conditions do not exceed the upper limits set out therein.