B.14/04: Appointment of the Executive Director

The Board,

  1. Decides by consensus to select Mr. Howard Bamsey for the post of the Executive Director of the Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund for a four-year term;
  2. Requests the Co-Chairs to negotiate the terms of the contract that will be in accordance with the approved terms of reference (annex III to decision B.12/22) and the agreed performance management framework. The remuneration package will be negotiated by the Co‐Chairs, approved by the Board and publicly disclosed in line with the GCF Information disclosure policy;
  3. Authorizes the Co‐Chairs to sign, on behalf of the GCF, the employment contract between Mr. Bamsey and the GCF; and
  4. Confirms that Mr. Javier Manzanares will continue as the Executive Director ad interim until Mr. Bamsey takes office.