B.13/30: Accreditation Master Agreements

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.13/19 (limited distribution) titled “Accreditation master agreements and funded activity agreements”,

  1. Decides to approve the amendments from the accreditation master agreement with Acumen Fund, Inc. in respect of the implementation of FP005, as set out in annex VI;
  2. Requests the Executive Director or her designee to conclude negotiations with Acumen Fund, Inc., on the funded activity agreement and its related legal arrangements for the implementation of FP005 and to execute these in such form and substance as she deems appropriate, and expresses its full support for the outcome of the negotiations on the relevant legal arrangements; and
  3. Decides, with reference to decision B.BM-2016/07 (limited distribution), to extend the deadline up to 180 days after the date of effectiveness of the relevant accreditation master agreement or the date of this decision, whichever is later, for entering into the funded activity agreements for the following funding proposals:
    1. FP001 (Profonanpe, Peru);
    2. FP002 (United Nations Development Programme, Malawi);
    3. FP003 (Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Senegal);
    4. FP005 (Acumen Fund, Inc., East Africa); and
    5. FP007 (United Nations Development Programme, Maldives).