B.13/26: Status of staffing at the Secretariat

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.13/20 titled “Status of staffing of the Secretariat – a progress report”,

  1. Takes note of the report;
  2. Agrees that the salary scales of the International Staff in the Secretariat shall be updated to align with the salary scales of the Asian Development Bank in 2016;
  3. Also agrees that the salary scales of the Administrative Services staff in the Secretariat shall be updated to align with the salary scale of the World Bank Group Korea Office in 2016;
  4. Requests that future revisions will be based on an annual review of salary scales by the Secretariat that considers elements such as inflation and practices in relevant institutions, including in the Republic of Korea and the region, and subject to Board approval;
  5. Agrees that any budgetary implications resulting from salary adjustments, shall be considered by the Budget Committee in line with its mandate to review and make recommendations on the budget implications of staffing changes, and be referred to the Board for its consideration of the budget;
  6. Authorizes the Secretariat to offer individual salary progression, based on a satisfactory annual review of performance;
  7. Notes section E, paragraph 10(1), of the Administrative guidelines on human resources, which states that: “The Executive Director sets the guidelines for the distribution of salary increases during the first quarter of each year. The guidelines include the levels of authority responsible for making salary increase recommendations for the various levels of staff”; and
  8. Requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Budget Committee, to present to the Board at its fourteenth meeting, additional measures to strengthen Secretariat capacity.