B.13/25: Communications of the Fund

The Board:

  1. Recognizes the importance of effective communication and outreach in supporting the objectives and guiding principles of the GCF;
  2. Also recognizes the need for strategic, clear and consistent communication and outreach by the Secretariat, including Board-appointed officials, and the Board;
  3. Recalls decision B.04/14, paragraph (c), which requested the Secretariat, under the guidance of the Co-Chairs, to develop a communications strategy for the consideration of the Board;
  4. Decides that the Secretariat’s capacity for strategic communications and outreach shall be further developed;
  5. Requests the Secretariat as a matter of urgency and in consultation with the Budget Committee, in considering the structure of the Secretariat, to present for consideration by the Board at its fourteenth meeting a proposal on Secretariat staffing for communications and outreach;
  6. Decides to prioritize the development of a GCF communications strategy for presentation to the Board no later than its seventeenth meeting;
  7. Requests the Co-Chairs to oversee communications and outreach, including the development and revision of material until the commencement of the new Executive Director; and
  8. Decides that, until a communications strategy is adopted, the objectives of communications and outreach are:
    1. To provide clear and accessible information on the GCF, in order to prompt the generation of high-quality funding proposals that will trigger clear transformational changes;
    2. To encourage and support all key stakeholders to access and engage with the GCF;
    3. To ensure broad coverage of developing countries so as to highlight how beneficiary countries will benefit from their relationship with the GCF; and
    4. To enhance transparency.