B.13/16: Appointment of the Heads of the independent Accountability Units

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.13/25 (limited distribution) titled “Contractual arrangements for the Heads of the Accountability Units”:

  1. Notes the appointment of the heads of the independent Redress Mechanism, the independent Evaluation Unit and the independent Integrity Unit (Accountability Units);
  2. Authorizes the Co-Chairs to negotiate and sign, on behalf of the GCF, for up to 45 days, the contracts between each of the Heads of the Accountability Units and the GCF;
  3. Requests the Co-Chairs to develop the performance criteria and evaluation procedure for approval by the Board via a decision between meetings before the fourteenth meeting of the Board in accordance with decision B.10/05, paragraphs (i) and (j); and
  4. Expresses its appreciation for the work of the Appointment Committee, the Ethics and Audit Committee, and the Secretariat in the selection of the Heads of the Accountability Units.