B.12/35: Comprehensive Information Disclosure Policy of the Fund

The Board, having reviewed the document GCF/B.12/24 titled “Comprehensive information disclosure policy of the Fund”,

  1. Adopts the Information disclosure policy of the Green Climate Fund as set out in annex XXIX (the “Policy”);
  2. Requests the Ethics and Audit Committee, once the environmental and social management system is developed, to review the relevant disclosure requirements under the Policy and make appropriate recommendations to the Board;
  3. Decides that, pending the constitution of the Information Appeals Panel, under the Policy, the Ethics and Audit Committee will fulfil such a role on a temporary basis until the Information Appeals Panel shall have become operational;
  4. Decides that formal Board meetings will be webcast live until the end of 2017;
  5. Requests the Secretariat to undertake a qualitative and quantitative review of the webcasting service, to include the costs involved, the views of those who have accessed it, and other information that would be useful to assess the service;
  6. Notes that the Board will decide on modalities for the qualitative and quantitative review of the webcasting service no later than its sixteenth meeting, noting that data collection will begin with the first webcast; and
  7. Decides that the Board will consider the review of the webcasting service no later than March 2018.