B.12/17: Work Plan of the Board: Matters outstanding from previous Board meetings: Proposal from the Co‐Chairs

The Board,

  1. Decides to defer its consideration of the policy regarding the cases in which the high‐level concessional terms and the low‐level concessional terms for public sector proposal will apply, no later than its sixteenth meeting, which will be held in 2017, noting that in the interim they will be applied on a case‐by‐case basis per decision B.09/04 and annex III to decision B.05/07;
  2. Requests the Co‐Chairs to consult with Board members and alternateBoard members, the Risk Management Committee, the Investment Committee and external stakeholders, including accredited entities, in order to provide a recommendation based on lessons learned from the current application of financial terms and conditions, to the extent available, and in line with the set of guiding principles and factors for determining terms of financial instruments as outlined in annex III to decision B.05/07, for consideration by the Board at its fifteenth meeting; and
  3. Requests the Co‐Chairs with the support of the Secretariat to summarize the outcome of their consultations and to propose a draft decision in a written report to be transmitted to the Board in line with the Rules of Procedure of the Board.