B.12/05: Reports from committees, panels, and groups

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.12/22 titled “Appointment of additional experts of the independent Technical Advisory Panel”,

  1. Endorses the nomination by the Investment Committee of the following experts of the independent Technical Advisory Panel (the Panel) for one term:
    1. Mr. Felix Dayo (Nigeria);
    2. Ms. Marina Shvangiradze (Georgia); and
    3. Mr. Daniel Nolasco (Canada/Argentina);
  2. Notes that the endorsed candidates have been informed of the Fund’s policy on ethics and conflicts of interest for external members of the Green Climate Fund panels and groups, and that they will be bound by the policy upon the endorsement under paragraph (a) above;
  3. Also notes that the endorsed candidates have provided a list of their respective current functions and roles and have stated that they do not have any current conflict of interest;
  4. Further notes that, with the candidates endorsed at this meeting, the composition of the Panel deviates on an exceptional basis from the geographical balance between developed and developing countries approved in decision B.09/10, paragraph (a);
  5. Decides that the matter of the composition of the Panel, including balance in terms of geographical and technical expertise coverage, will be included as part of the review of the structure and effectiveness of the Panel requested by the Board through decision B.10/09, paragraph (d); and
  6. Notes that each Panel member will be subject to regular performance evaluations, consistent with the Fund’s practice for external members serving on panels and groups of the Fund.