B.11/12: Updated administrative guidelines on human resources

The Board, having considered the information contained in document GCF/B.11/19 titled “Updated administrative guidelines on human resources”:

  1. Takes note of the recommendations made by members of the Board and the clarifications provided by the Secretariat;
  2. Also takes note of the revised salary structure of the Asian Development Bank and the study conducted on the cost of living;
  3. Notes that the Executive Director may apply, in exceptional cases based on experience and merit considerations, more flexibility to appoint staff on a broader range, between the minimum and midpoint, on each salary level, based on a gradual negotiation which starts at the minimum;
  4. Approves the continued application of the administrative guidelines on human resources until the Board shall have approved the revised guidelines;
  5. Requests Board members to provide written suggestions for possible changes to the guidelines by 15 December 2015;
  6. Also requests the Secretariat to consider the proposed changes and present the revised guidelines with the appropriate changes to the Board for its approval; and
  7. Decides to review the administrative guidelines on human resources at its twelfth meeting.