B.08/24: Report for the Conference of the Parties, including the response to the guidance provided by the Conference of the Parties at its nineteenth session, and the institutional linkage between the United Nations and the Green Climate Fund

The Board, having taken note of the information presented in document GCF/B.08/39 Options for an Institutional Linkage between the United Nations and the Fund:

  1. Decides to incorporate the following recommendation in the report of the Board to the Conference of the Parties:

“The Board considers it of utmost importance for the quick operation of the Fund to ensure that the staff of the Fund’s Secretariat are covered by the privileges and immunities in the countries where the Fund is operating. To this end, and to give effect to the provisions set forth in paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Governing Instrument of the Fund, the Conference of the Parties (COP) may wish to consider recommending to the General Assembly of the United Nations that the General Assembly consider an institutional linkage between the United Nations and the Green Climate Fund that is consistent with the status of the Fund and the powers vested in the Board and a Secretariat that is fully independent and accountable to the Board, as stated in the Fund’s Governing Instrument, as approved by the COP in decision 3/CP.17.

It is understood that such institutional linkage will not affect the powers of the Board to appoint the Executive Director and to adopt rules, policies and guidelines for the effective administration of the Fund, and the powers vested in the Executive Director as the head of the Secretariat.”; and

  1. Further requests that, in order for the Fund and its operations, members of the Board, consultants, and other persons affiliated with the Fund, as well as its staff, to have similar privileges and immunities to operate effectively, the Secretariat shall develop immediately for the Board’s consideration and approval a template bilateral agreement that would provide such privileges and immunities in countries in which the Fund operates.