B.08/21: Administrative guidelines on procurement

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.08/31 Administrative Guidelines on Procurement:

  1. Approves the Corporate Procurement Guidelines on the Use of Consultants and the Corporate Procurement Guidelines for Goods and Services, contained in Annexes XXVIII and XXIX, respectively, for a period to last until the third Board meeting of 2015;
  2. Authorizes the Executive Director to promulgate the guidelines for a period to last until the end of 2015;
  3. Requests the Secretariat to seek further written comments from the Board on the guidelines until the end of 2014;
  4. Requests the Secretariat to present, at the second Board meeting of 2015, an information note with the changes to be incorporated into the guidelines on the basis of the comments from the Board; and
  5. Decides that the Board will review the guidelines, on the basis of the information note, at its last Board meeting of 2015.