B.08/12: Use of other financial instruments

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.08/12 Use of Other Financial Instruments:

  1. Notes that the use of other financial instruments to support the objectives of the Fund is in line with the Fund's allocation criteria contained in the investment framework;
  2. Decides that accredited entities shall list, as part of their application for accreditation, the range of financial instruments that they have the capacity and expertise to deploy;
  3. Decides that the Fund will work through accredited implementing entities and intermediaries, who may deploy the resources in approved projects and programmes by using financial instruments, focusing on grants, concessional loans, equity, and guarantees;
  4. Requests the Risk Management Committee to assess and monitor risks related to the implementation of the Fund's projects or programmes by accredited implementing entities or intermediaries, in accordance with the Fund's Risk Management Framework; and
  5. Requests the Secretariat to carry out a review of lessons learned from the deployment of additional financial instruments within 36 months, under the oversight of the Risk Management Committee.