B.08/09: Additional modalities that further enhance direct access, including through funding entities

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.08/09 Additional Modalities that Further Enhance Direct Access, Including through Funding Entities:

  1. Requests the Secretariat, under the guidance of the Accreditation Committee and in consultation with relevant stakeholders, to prepare terms of reference for modalities for the operationalization of a pilot phase that further enhances direct access, which will include relevant readiness support if requested by subnational, national and regional entities, for approval by the Board at its ninth meeting; these terms of reference will launch the pilot phase; and
  2. Clarifies that the terms of reference will specify, inter alia:
    1. The objective of the pilot phase;
    2. The type of entities to be involved;
    3. The specialized fiduciary standards required;
    4. The type of activities to be undertaken;
    5. The timeframe of the pilot phase; and
    6. The financial volume of the pilot phase.